Joy To The World!
Greetings in Christ.It’s budget time! While the last year has been tumultuous, it has also been very exciting and rewarding to see the amazing response from our members to the crisis we face. Our vestry has been working hard to respond to the continuing need here in Vallarta. There are two major issues confronting us.

One is the physical human need of hunger and homelessness which continues as a fallout from the pandemic. The other is the spiritual need for an accepting Spanish language worshipping community which will welcome those whose lives have caused them to be rejected by more traditionally minded churches.A huge part of the social need was met last year by a special appeal providing $20,000 pesos per month to the Puerto Vallarta Food Bank for food and related needs. The question now is whether to make that part of our budget, or depend on a separate appeal in the hope that the pandemic will be under control by this time next year.

The spiritual need requires a smaller but still significant expenditure to provide regular Sunday services in Spanish. We know there is a hunger for this from experience in our diocese and the rest of Mexico, especially in urban and Indigenous communities where growth continues consistently. Last year our Diocese established 2 more new parishes, three missions and three new prayer stations as well as recruiting two Indigenous candidates for ordination.We are still seeking a new worship space and ask you to pray God will make clear our direction and lead us in this matter. We would love to have a place where we could do a lot more to welcome and care for those of our community in need.Wrestling with the figures to put together a responsible budget for the coming year continues. Part of our dilemma is our small base. Ten regular residents and three visitors provide nearly 60% of our budget. Given the age of our core membership, that leaves us significantly vulnerable.

We meet again this weekend to put together the final figures which will be posted on our website and Facebook page as soon as they are complete. In any case, we are looking at an increased expenditure of about 35%.  Please consider that when you are planning your giving for 2022.To help us plan expenditures, an estimate of your giving can be sent to our treasurer at dfarisptown@gmail.comFor a tax receipt, send cheques to: Vallarta Mission  c/o Jeff Fulton, 1507 Brookcrest Ave. Morton,  IL  61550.However and whatever you decide to give is your decision. I encourage you to practice proportional giving (percentage of income) and to engage your giving pattern in prayer. All we do must be founded in our relationship with God.

In other news —

If you are in town we are planning our usual Christmas Eve service at 5:30 local time. Jean guy has assembled a quartet  to prepare special music for the service and it will be live streamed if you are not able to be with us personally. However you are able, I hope you will join us in this celebration of Jesus birth.On January 2, we will be celebrating the sacrament of Baptism for twins Alana Mia and Axel Elian. Much excitement!

If you are planning a visit later in the winter, we are arranging for visits to the Vallarta Food Bank which we have been supporting for more than a year now. If you would like to visit or to volunteer for a few hours or a day, let us know and we can set up a time.

On a sad note, Paul Bernard, a long time devout member of our congregation died earlier in November. Having lived a long and rich life, he died of a heart attack during an afternoon nap.  We will miss his warm smile and gently loving ability to make people feel welcome and cared for, not to mention the fabulous treats he baked for coffee time. Rest In Peace and Rise in Glory dear friend.Please do continue to keep yourselves and others safe in these difficult times. If you are not able to visit this year, please do continue to uphold us in prayer.May you be richly blessed in your pilgrimage to the heart of God.Fr. Bob

The Congregation of Christ Church by the Sea, Iglesia Cristo del Mar, is an inclusive parish of the Anglican Church of Mexico and the worldwide Anglican Communion with The Rev. Canon Robert Webster serving as Rector. We invite all God’s children to share his love with one another and those who feel rejection and abandonment.


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As the only English-speaking parish of the Anglican Church of Mexico on the west coast we offer services in English and communion in the Anglican ~ Episcopalian traditions, often augmented with Spanish readings and music, every Sunday at 10 am and on special feast days. Bible study, social events, and charitable outreach projects are available throughout the year. You are always welcome here!

Our Sanctuary and Parish Hall are located in Plaza Genovesa, (next to Office Depot) Avenue Francisco Medina Ascencio 2015, in the Hotel Zone on the north side of Puerto Vallarta. The Genovesa Plaza entrance is an archway with an announcement  board on the sidewalk. When you go through the archway you’ll see the back of our palapa with our name plainly displayed. Google Map

Our Palapa at Plaza Genovesa, Puerto Vallarta

Los servicios dominicales se llevan a cabo a las 10 am en nuestro hermoso lugar de culto con techo de palapa. Nuestro servicio es en inglés, a menudo amplificado con pasajes en español. La Iglesia de Cristo Del Mar es parte de la Iglesia Anglicana en México y de la Comunión Anglicana mundial. Adora con nosotros los domingos a las 10 y quédate para la hora del café. ¡Eres bienvenido aquí!

Jerusalem Cross at Christ Church


In peace, we pray to you, Lord God.

We ask your prayers for Healing and Comfort for  Reuben, Dede, Carol, Joanne, Gaby, Nancy,Alan,Marge, Burger, Nancy, Brian,Emily All those suffering from Covid


All those who have died from Covid

We give thanks for all members and friends of our Christ Church community in Puerto Vallarta.