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Worship with us at 10 Sundays.

Dear friends,

Greetings in Christ!

In spite of the self isolating requirements, I find myself busier than ever. Many people find themselves having difficulty ordering their lives so I thought sharing my morning devotions might help. Each morning, Monday to Saturday at 9 am, I live stream a brief form of morning prayer in an effort to help set a pattern for the day.

On Sundays, at 10am, we have moved from live stream to an iMovie format. This allows for others to participate in the service and for the inclusion of music. If you would like to share in the exchange of the peace, send me an upper body video clip with your hands extended and saying what you normally do at the peace. The easiest mode for me to use is if you send it on Messenger. Both the morning devotions and the Sunday service are available on our Christ Church by the Sea Facebook page. All these services remain available if the ‘live’ time doesn’t work for you.

Our year round members are doing well and staying healthy. A couple of members who normally leave in April had their flights cancelled so have been here longer than planned. We’ve set up a calling roster to make sure people are kept in touch.

Vestry meets on a zoom model and are looking forward to having a one or two day retreat together when we can in the late summer or fall. We also have moved our Thursday morning bible study to a conference call format. Directions for joining in are on both our Facebook page and our website. You can also access a recording of the study if the 10 am time is not convenient.
While the pandemic continues to spike here in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta seems to be doing fairly well. The state is in the process of reopening but I’m worried that it’s too soon and that people are not following the health department guidelines. Churches are not open yet and until we are convinced that the infection rate is down to near zero, we plan to stay on line.

In addition to the concerns around the corona virus, there is a significant crisis regarding food for people who have been unemployed for the last two months. So many have jobs which only provide subsistence incomes, that as soon as employment ends, so does availability of food. Christ Church has contributed funds from our outreach budget to support the Vallarta Food Bank. Between budgeted funds and extra gifts, we have given $65,000 pesoes. This vital activity now has our commitment for a regular donation of $5,000 pesos per month through October. In addition, other individual donations will be funneled through the parish.

Below is the letter from the Vallarta Food Bank which the parish is supporting. Please take a moment to read it. I hope you will consider helping us financially support this important outreach effort during these extraordinary times. Wherever you are, you can contribute directly to the Food Bank, through our own PayPal link, or directly to Vallarta Mission with the address on our website. If you are donating to the food ministry, please indicate that when making your gift.

Please be sure to be well and stay safe.

Fr. Bob

A Letter Received from the VALLARTA FOOD BANK
May 29, 2020

Hello Vallarta Food Bank Family,

We’d like to give thanks to all the wonderful people who have donated, volunteered, and shared our campaign. Two months ago we started Vallarta Food Bank with just 6 despensas (food packages) to give away, and now we’re up to more than 3,000 a week. In a short two-month period, we’ve achieved so much to organize our efforts and reach the most vulnerable and hungry families in Vallarta. Providing food doesn’t just fill an empty stomach, it can also shape a life that is not limited by hunger. To maintain the food bank’s momentum, there is much more you can help us with.

We are thankful to have incredible support from the Vallarta community. Non-profit charities, corporations, small businesses and individuals have all provided the food bank with generous donations. We honor all financial support by keeping our operations 100% volunteer-based with only 5% going to rental, utilities and non-food supplies. This allows us to distribute the equivalent of 5 meals for every USD dollar we receive.

Besides distributing despensas at our food bank, we also share our donations with other agencies. Fundación Down Vallarta, Ayuda a las Familias con Cancer, Proyecto Pitillal, Pasitos de Luz and Corazón de Niña are some of the organizations we assisted.

We want to take this opportunity to recognize all the volunteers that donated their precious time at our food bank registering families, packing, delivering and distributing food. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our invaluable volunteers; a special thanks to Greg and Kiko who coordinate all the activities with patience and grace. Also, we want to extend a big thank you to Rabbi Shneur, Mushkie Hecht and Wayne Kennedy for lending their community center for our despensa production. It would very difficult without Talbot Turner who donated his truck and driver 5 days a week to deliver thousands of despensas throughout Vallarta.

We’ve learned so much in the past two months, especially when it comes to working with our non-profit partners. Casa JoJo Foundation is an amazing agency that’s willing to go the extra mile to help us raise funds for tax-exempt U.S. donations. Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation in Canada is making it possible for our Canadian donors to receive tax receipts. We also have the privilege to work with Fundación Borges Coppel, who’s making a huge monthly donation to help provide for 700 families. Because we share the common goal of providing assistance to the people in need within our community, we’re able to work together to serve more people.

This month, we’re spending $73,000 USD to make 12,500 despensas, which is the equivalent of 350,000 meals for the families in need. That’s a huge amount of money, and we’re grateful for every cent. The next challenge we’re facing is the upcoming rainy season. Add the COVID-19 pandemic into the list of obstacles and you’ll discover that soon, our hungry families will have fewer job opportunities to help put food on the table. With your help, we can give hope and nourishment to these families during the summer months.

We also want to look ahead into the future of our community. Our vision doesn’t end with providing emergency food assistance. We want to help improve the livelihoods of families in Vallarta. Our goal is to create a community center where anyone can sign up for skill-training programs to improve their job prospects like English language, electrical, carpentry, sewing, plumbing, and entrepreneurship.

In addition, we want to improve our food program. These are some of our ideas:

Soup Kitchens: instead of getting a food package, our families can get hot food 6 days a week.
Food Market: instead of getting a food package, our recipients can use points to purchase their choice of food and necessities specific to what their family needs.
Food System Collaborative: support local agriculture by partnering with local food growers to provide and trade fresh food at our market.
Elderly Box Program: on a monthly basis, deliver a box of food and necessities to our elderly community.
Food Scholarship: clients receive food scholarships when they commit to programs to improve their job skills
We can make a fast impact if we launch these initiatives as soon as possible. Look at what we’ve already done in just two months! We’re asking you to join our rainy season pledge, a special three-month commitment that will go a long way in helping people get through this trying time. You can send a donation today and pledge to do the same in July and August, or make a single gift that stretches across the entire summer. Better yet, sign up for monthly giving and help us achieve our vision of a more self-sustaining paradise.

Both three-month commitment and monthly giving are available on our website at

Our website is now ready to accept both credit cards and PayPal, and we’d love for you to move your donation to our website to save money on service charges

Donate with Casa JoJo Foundation for U.S. tax-exempt receipts. Monthly donations also accepted.

With gratitude,
Francie, Frankie and Jimmy
Vallarta Food Bank
379 Río de La Plata, Puerto Vallarta, Jal., 48340, Mexico
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The Congregation of Christ Church by the Sea, Iglesia Cristo del Mar, is an inclusive parish of the Anglican Church of Mexico and the worldwide Anglican Communion with The Rev. Canon Robert Webster serving as Rector. We invite all God’s children to share his love with one another and those who feel rejection and abandonment.


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As the only English-speaking parish of the Anglican Church of Mexico on the west coast we offer services in English and communion in the Anglican ~ Episcopalian traditions, often augmented with Spanish readings and music, every Sunday at 10 am and on special feast days. Bible study, social events, and charitable outreach projects are available throughout the year. You are always welcome here!

Our Sanctuary and Parish Hall are located in Plaza Genovesa, (next to Office Depot) Avenue Francisco Medina Ascencio 2015, in the Hotel Zone on the north side of Puerto Vallarta. The Genovesa Plaza entrance is an archway with an announcement  board on the sidewalk. When you go through the archway you’ll see the back of our palapa with our name plainly displayed. Google Map

Our Palapa at Plaza Genovesa, Puerto Vallarta

Los servicios dominicales se llevan a cabo a las 10 am en nuestro hermoso lugar de culto con techo de palapa. Nuestro servicio es en inglés, a menudo amplificado con pasajes en español. La Iglesia de Cristo Del Mar es parte de la Iglesia Anglicana en México y de la Comunión Anglicana mundial. Adora con nosotros los domingos a las 10 y quédate para la hora del café. ¡Eres bienvenido aquí!

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In peace, we pray to you, Lord God.

We ask your prayers for Healing and Comfort for Jerry, Reuben, Dede, Carol, Joanne, John, Judy, Jennifer, Cheryl, Velora, Tracy, Alex, Rita, Lance, Michael, Trino, Jeannie,Gaby, Marybeth, Richard, Dwayne, Melissa,Warren, James, Alan and Ed

We give thanks for all members and friends of our Christ Church community in Puerto Vallarta.