To know Jesus Christ through worship and service, sharing his love and grace with a vibrant community, and through the joy of the Holy Spirit who empowers us to offer our talents to the glory of God and the care of humanity.

As a Christian community, Christ Church parishioners have committed ten percent of all contributions to the parish for outreach projects in the greater Puerto Vallarta area. Individually Christ Church members volunteer with local organizations that provide special care for God’s children. With the generous contribution of our members and friends, and personal physical involvement, we do represent the spirit of Jesus Christ in this world as our Lord and Savior.

The parish Outreach Committee has adopted a school on the outer edge of San Vicente, serving a settlement of migrant workers who travel within Mexicó to follow the harvest work during the seasons. Without a permanent legal address their children are not allowed in the regular public school system. Over two hundred children are being educated in four small trailers provided by the government and four part- time teachers not paid by the government. Under the leadership of Dennis Rike we have been able to build and equip a kitchen and a sheltered eating area to provide daily lunches for the students. As an ongoing project 0f the outreach committee food is provided to supplement the government’s supplies. A volunteer parishioner travels twice a week to the school to teach English to grades 5 through 9. Our goal is to improve the education and quality of life for these children. (Photos available in Gallery)


Vallarta Food Bank

Christ Church parishioners stepped forward at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, joining other organizations, to meet the needs of the community left without employment. through a Community Food Bank. Today this project has evolved to provide three hundred meals daily.  Our parish has committed to provide a monthly monetary contribution and provide volunteers to man the food bank one day a week. Emergency supplies are also provided to families need. (Photos available in Gallery)