Supporting the mission of Christ Church by the Sea                                                Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

VALLARTA MISSION is a not-for-profit corporation established in September 2017 in the State of Illinois for the purpose of accepting donations for CHRIST CHURCH BY THE SEA in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The corporation has been granted 501 c-3 status by the United States IRS.

 Donations are transferred to CHRIST CHURCH BY THE SEA for distribution in accordance with guidelines established by the Vestry for outreach mission projects accepted by the Parish. Individuals may restrict their donations to be directed to certain projects by notifying VALLARTA MISSION of their wishes at the time of donation. That information will be provided to the Treasurer of CHRIST CHURCH at the time of transfer.

 We are happy to accept donations through PayPal as well as US, Canadian and Mexican checks made payable to VALLARTA MISSION.  Receipts will be issued and can be used by US and Canadian citizens in accordance with the tax laws of their country. Donations by check can be made at church with the Treasurer or mailed directly in the United States or Canada to:




MORTON   IL   61550


THANK YOU for considering donations to

Christ Church by the Sea

through Vallarta Mission.