Christ Church by the Sea, Iglesia Cristo del Mar, was established as a mission of the Anglican Church of Mexico in 1991 by Bishop Melchor Saucedo and a group of ex-pats who wanted to have English services available in Puerto Vallarta.

The congregation achieved the status of  parish in the Diocese of the West and after meeting for several years at a location near the airport, moved to the present location, a traditional palapa in the Center Courtyard at Plaza Genovesa in November 2017. An English  liturgy and Holy Communion in the Anglican ~ Episcopalian tradition is celebrated every Sunday at 10 am and on special feast days. A Parish Hall, adjacent to the Church,  provides space for education, social events, and community activities.

Our palapa at Plaza Genovesa
Our Palapa church at Plaza Genovesa

We are a warm, welcoming, and spiritual parish wishing to follow the tenets of the Bible and be open to all seeking a closer relationship with and share the love of Jesus Christ. Our congregation is diverse with many from other denominations beyond Anglicanism…Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian, specifically seeking Christian services in the English language and to be able to receive Holy Communion on a weekly basis.
We have a strong year-round membership with many more joining us during the winter season mainly from the United States and Canada.

The liturgy, printed in bulletin form, is taken from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and various Episcopal hymnals. Portions of the service are in Spanish with the Gospel frequently read in both languages and often some verses of  hymns sung in Spanish. Music is provided on an electronic keyboard by a professional, musician. Members and guest are encouraged to lend their talents to the liturgy by providing additional instrumental music. 


The Anglican Church of Mexico symbolically began with Mexico’s War for Independence in 1810. Religious reform in 1857 secured freedom of religion, separating the Roman Catholic Church from the government and politics.

In 1860 the newly formed Church of Jesus contacted the Episcopalian Church in the United States seeking leadership, guidance and support. After many years of association with the Episcopalian Church, the Anglican Church of Mexico became an autonomous Province of the worldwide Anglican Communion in 1995.


There are five dioceses in the Province with the Diocese of the West, of which we are a Parish, having its cathedral and Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Ricardo Joel Gomez Osnaya, located in Guadalajara.